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...you don't know a thing about me.
I obviously adore my own name and I'm an Introvert

We might have the weirdest research study title above all but look at what we’ve got! #achievement

The best part about graduation day is when you wait for your turn to go up the stage to get your diploma. #GraduationDay

Tumblr, I’m sorry.


I will never stop being amazed at how music brings people together. Maybe not all of those people will be in your life forever but they are/were there for a reason… whether you know it now or not.


They always have, and they always will.

To the person who always listen to my nonsense “best friend issue”,

and shares her own story too.

To the person whom I beg for sweetness,

that gives me so much stress.


To the person I adore,

because of her skills in painting and many more.

To the person who is so blessed,

because she really is so talented.


To the person I know I can trust,

and label is not a must.

To the person who happens this day to be her day,

and this is my way of saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

okay, okay. I got the photo from you. Haha! Happy Birthday, Czar!!! ♡♡♡

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Clouds covering the sun,

followed by rain.

Washing out their fun,

turned into pain.


Smile covering the tears,

freezing it from falling.

Hiding every fears,

melting it from shedding.


Eyes can’t see it,

your heart can do.

Ears can’t hear it,

your heart can do.


It is ironic,

telling the opposite.

It’s not magic,

it depends on how you see it.

All I see is the pouring rain,

as I look at the windowpane.

The weather seem so gloomy,

but still I manage to feel happy.


It’s not that I hate the rain,

it just brings back my memories again.

Memories I tried to wash away,

for you have chosen not to stay.


You left me without any reason,

made me think if I’m a bad person.

Where did I go wrong?

Tell me and I’ll put it in a song.

Different perceptions in life.